September 28, 2022


One Tree Planted invites you to get your hands in the dirt from September 19th to October 31st with our Plant a Tree Day events. From fruit trees to fir trees, urban forests to the backwoods off the beaten trail, you can make a difference where you are.

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What is Plant a Tree Day?

September 28th, every year.

Plant a Tree day started in 2018, when 30 community reforestation events were organized by One Tree Planted. Today, Plant a Tree Day has grown into a global movement that brings us together to make a positive environmental impact: thousands of volunteers around the world come together to plant trees, remove invasive species, clean up litter, establish community gardens and more!

At One Tree Planted, we believe anyone can make a difference in our environment through planting trees. We invite you to celebrate Plant a Tree Day this year and every year to support cleaner air, cooler temperatures, and improved quality of life for people and wildlife across the world.

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Together, Planting a forest.

Find an event in your area to make a local impact, or plant a tree from the comfort of your home by donating to a planting project.

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